BEP 288 – Inglés de ventas 4: Lidiar con las dudas

BEP 288 - Proceso de ventas 4: Overcoming Doubts

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on dealing with a customer’s doubts about a proposed solution during the proceso de ventas.

Customers rarely agree to buy after an initial pitch. Sales typically involves a lot more work than just the initial approach. You need to get to know the customer, understand their needs and offer them good solutions. And somewhere along the way, you’ll have to deal with their questions and doubts. Después de todo, people want to be sure they’re making the right choice, and that they’re spending their money wisely. And even when you’ve shown them all the right reasons to buy from you, they might still be on the fence. So what can you do?

Bien, there are a few useful techniques that can help you deal with a customer’s doubts. We can ask about reasons, and propose solutions. We can also relieve their fears and anticipate their concerns. Y finalmente, we can show them why the other alternatives are not good choices. En la lección de hoy, we’ll learn how to use these techniques.

En el diálogo, we’ll rejoin Aaron, a salesman at a commercial refrigeration company. He’s been talking with a hotel about providing cooling systems for their restaurant and bar. Aaron has taken the time to get to know his customer, and he’s submitted a proposal that he thinks matches their needs. But now the customer has some doubts. Besides Aaron, you’ll hear Eva, the hotel manager, and William, the contractor who’s renovating the hotel.

Preguntas de escucha

1. ¿Cuál es la solución de Aaron a la primera preocupación de Eva??
2. ¿Qué otra preocupación de Eva puede adivinar Aaron??
3. ¿Por qué Aaron piensa que no elegir su solución para el congelador es una mala idea??

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