BEP 19 – Reuniones: Apoyando su posición (Parte 2)

Una nueva versión de esta lección está disponible aquí.: BEP 19c – Arguing For or Against a Position

Welcome to the second part of our Business English Pod series on how to support your position or argument in meetings.

Our friend Jack is giving an update on the Costa Rican project. Dan is against the idea, because as production manager, he doesn’t want to lose all his staff. The HR manager, Angie, also doesn’t want to lay off her US staff, and is worried about the difficulty of hiring workers in another country. Jack tries to defend his plan, but has difficulty supporting his argument.

Key Language: emphasizing, minimizing, supporting points & vocal stress.

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2 pensamientos sobre “BEP 19 – Reuniones: Apoyando su posición (Parte 2)”

  1. Hola,
    I like the website very much and it helps me to improve my english knwoledge.
    Pero desafortunadamente, this podcast doesn´t exist anymore. Is the any possibility to get the missing pods. I´m looking also for BEP 17 y 20 (y otros).
    Thanks for anserwing. Atentamente

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