Habilidades 360 – Cómo obtener un bono de fin de año (2)

Inglés de negocios 360 - Cómo obtener un bono de fin de año (2)

Bienvenido de nuevo a Habilidades de inglés comercial 360 for today’s lesson on how to make sure you get a great year-end bonus.

When I say “bonus,” I’m not talking about a Christmas card from the boss with a $20 gift certificate for Starbucks. I’m not talking about tokens of appreciation. I’m talking about a nice fat year-end bonus that says your employer believes you’re worth investing in.

En nuestra última lección, I talked about how to demonstrate your value through your approach to work. Hoy, I want to focus not just on your approach, but on the work itself. When all is said and done, it’s your performance that will be valued above all else. So how can you show that?

Lesson Resources: Lesson Module | Quiz & Vocab | PDF Transcript

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