925 Lección de ingles 28 – Usando hipotéticos en inglés

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En el de hoy 925 Video en ingles lección, we’re going to learn how to talk about hypothetical situations in English.

Humans are always using their imagination. Sometimes we think about what might happen in the future. Other times we have to imagine different situations in order to figure out what is the best decision to make today or in the future. And when we talk about ideas like this, we use particular words and structures.

Por ejemplo, when we introduce a hypotheticalor imagined – situación, there are a few expressions we can use. We often start with the words “say” or “suppose.” So, something like “suppose you were the boss” is understood as “imagine you were the boss.” You can also ask a question using “what if,” such as “what if you were the boss?” That word “if” is especially important. We’ll see that word again later in this lesson.

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Connecticut 06 Gramática avanzada: Causante

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Tiza n’ Hablar es una serie de lecciones en video en inglés que exploran temas avanzados de gramática inglesa.

En esta leccion, Brian echa un vistazo a la causante y como se puede usar en voz pasiva. El causativo tiene el significado de "alguien hace que alguien haga algo". Los tres verbos que se utilizan habitualmente para el causativo son obtener, tener, y hacer.

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