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BEP 93 INT: Sales: Taking an Order

In this Business English Pod episode, we’ll be focusing on the language of taking an order and discussing standard terms, such as delivery time, payment method, and so on.
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BEP 92 INT: Sales – Presenting your Products (FAB)

In this Business English Podcast lesson, we’re going to look at the “classic sales” approach to selling products and services using the FAB technique. FAB stands for features, attributes and benefits and is a commonly used approach for presenting and selling products such as clothes (apparel) and household items.
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BEP 89 – Telephoning: Arranging a Visit

In this episode we’re going to look at useful language for handling the practical details of a business visit, such as airport pickup and restaurant or hotel booking. And we’ll also practice ways to create and maintain goodwill by demonstrating flexibility and responding politely on the phone.
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BEP 88 – Booking a Travel Ticket

Booking tickets on the phone is a basic part of business travel. In this intermediate Business English Podcast, we will practice useful phrases and language for making airplane arrangements on the telephone.
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BEP 85 INT (Transcript & Exercises) – Sales: Informal Product Presentation

In many countries and cultures around the world, informal occasions – such as a friendly meal or a game of a golf – are more important to the sales process than a formal presentation in the boardroom. And so in this episode, we’ll be studying language for presenting our products in such casual situations (often called “soft selling”). In particular, we’ll see how you can sell your products in relation to your customers’ needs with a few soft-sell techniques.

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Study Notes

Phrases & Practice

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Listening Quiz

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Gap-fill Exercise

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Dialog & Vocabulary

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Turning Questions Around

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Raising Points of Interest

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Talking About Benefits

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Making Comparisons

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Vocabulary Review

BEP 85 INT – Informal Presentation – Flashcards

Listening Questions:

1) Were Matt and Paula able to go to the tunnel face, that is, the end of the tunnel?

2) What is the main point of interest that Matt and Paula pursue in the discussion?

3) What are the advantages that Matt and Paula’s device have over traditional surveying methods?