BEP 92 INT: Sales – Presenting your Products (FAB)

In this Business English Podcast lesson, we’re going to look at the “classic sales” approach to selling products and services using the FAB technique. FAB stands for features, attributes and benefits and is a commonly used approach for presenting and selling products such as clothes (apparel) and household items.

The FAB presentation technique is especially useful for people working in the apparel, manufacturing and retail trades – anyone who has to present products to potential customers. In the lesson, we’ll look at how this approach can be applied in the merchandizing business. Merchandizing is the trade name for businesses involved in the design and manufacture of clothing and household items.

Listening Questions
1) What is the key feature of Viva’s fall colors this year? Can you name some of the colors?

2) Why is the Viva Professional line more expensive?

3) As described in the dialog, what are the main benefits of Viva’s clothing line?

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