BEP 62 ADV (Transcript & Activities) – Persuasion 3

In the first two shows (BEP 59 & BEP 60) of this Business English Pod series on persuasion, we saw how getting your audience’s attention and demonstrating a clear need were essential to the persuasive process. We learned that in the indirect method of persuasion you should demonstrate the problem before you offer a solution.

After you have established the need, you then describe the future benefits if your proposal is accepted. This is the visualization step: Talk about how accepting your proposal will have positive future outcomes or maybe how not accepting it will have negative outcomes. Finally, you need to make a concrete, specific call to action – what the audience can do right now to implement your proposal.

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BEP 62 ADV – Persuasion 3 – Quiz

BEP 62 ADV – Persuasion 3 – Gap-fill

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Listening Quiz: BEP 62 ADV – Persuasion 3

1) How long will it take Swift to get back the investment in air conditioning?

2) How much extra profit can Swift make per year by adopting Nick’s proposal?

3) What specific action does Steve ask his manager’s to take?