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BEP 114 ADV (Study Notes) – HR Review: Comparing Candidates

As part of our series on job interviews, in this Business English Pod episode we’ll be taking a closer look at the process from the HR perspective. Specifically, we’ll be studying the language of reaching a decision about whom to hire.

A Brazilian business unit of fast moving consumer goods company Fun Beverages has recently interviewed several people for an HR manager position. Now the regional HR director, Ted, and the business unit general manager, George, are meeting to discuss the short-listed, or final, candidates.
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BEP 91 ADV – Job Interviews: Questions for the Interviewer

In this Business English Podcast, we’ll focus on how to handle the question: “Do you have any questions for me?” We’ll talk about what interviewers expect from you and we’ll emphasize the importance of preparation. We’ll also study how you can use this opportunity to “interview the interviewer” – that is, to find out whether the company is a good fit for you. Meanwhile, we’ll talk about how, for the interviewer, this is a chance to put your company in the best possible light.

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BEP 90 ADV (Transcript & Exercises) – Job Interviews: Greatest Weakness

Continuing our Business English Podcast series on job interviews, we look at another very common question you’ll likely be asked when interviewing for jobs in English: What is your greatest weakness?

Talking about your weaknesses tests a unique skill: It investigates your ability to present a drawback as an advantage. Thus, the theme of this episode is be positive, and that’s the main point that we’ll be focusing on.
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BVP 02 (Transcript & Exercises): Human Resources – Training Manager

In the second part of our new ESL podcast series on business vocabulary, we continue with the topic of human resources (HR) by looking at useful language and collocations to describe the role and responsibilities of a training manager.
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BVP 01: Human Resources – HR Manager

In this new series of podcasts, we’re going to look at useful vocabulary for describing different jobs and industries. In the first business vocabulary podcast we are going to listen to Greg, an HR manager, describe his role as a human resources manager.
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