BVP 02 (Transcript & Exercises): Human Resources – Training Manager

In the second part of our new ESL podcast series on business vocabulary, we continue with the topic of human resources (HR) by looking at useful language and collocations to describe the role and responsibilities of a training manager.

In this fast-changing global world, everything is moving. To make a successful business, it’s not enough just to follow yesterday’s trend. Companies and people need to constantly acquire new skills to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. This means driving new training initiatives to enhance performance. However, not all training is equally successful. To ensure training effectiveness, it’s important to track results and to have standard criteria for measuring outcomes.

In this podcast, we’ll listen to Andrea, a training manager, describing her job and responsibilities.

Listening Questions:

1) What kind of training programs does Andrea run?

2) Does Andrea work with vendors? What for?

3) What do the five letters in SMART stand for?

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