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Business News 10 – Viacom Sues YouTube for 1 Billion Dollars

Download Business News 10 – Viacom Sues YouTube for 1 Billion Dollars

Today we have a Business English News story on a company that’s been in the news quite a bit recently – YouTube. In particular, we refresh and discuss some of the key vocabulary we covered in our Video Vocab series on the law and legal vocabulary:

Video Vocab 04 – Basic Legal Terms
Video Vocab 05 – Court Cases
Video Vocab 06 – Commercial Law

Business News 09 (Enhanced M4a) – Reebok Launches Ad Campaign

Download Business News 09 (Enhanced M4a) – Reebok

This is an enhanced version of the first intermediate Business English News podcast on Reebok’s new marketing campaign. Now you can view pictures and text related to the article on your computer or video iPod (you should also be able to see the images on most video MP3 players and phones).

To download a PDF transcript for this podcast ‘right-click’ on this link, select save target and then choose which folder on your computer to save the file to.

Business English News 09 INT – Reebok Launches Ad Campaign

Today we’re introducing our first Business English News podcast for intermediate listeners. This will now be a regular show with new episodes each month. Most of the time, we’ll cover a similar topic to the current Advanced Business News podcast but the articles and vocabulary will be simplified to make them more suitable for intermediate learners. The topic today is marketing and, in particular, Reebok’s new advertising campaign and slogan.

BEP News 09 Study Notes