VV 07 (Study Notes) – Project Management (Part 1)

In the episode of Video Vocabulary we’re looking at business words related to projects and project management. First we’ll hear a short article introducing the topic and then we’ll go though each word in detail with some example sentences to show how you can use the words. At the end of the video you’ll have a chance to review practice your new vocabulary.

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2 thoughts on “VV 07 (Study Notes) – Project Management (Part 1)

  1. Diana

    Hello, I was looking for the #07 Project Management part 1 video. Please tell me how I can access and download it? Everytime I click on the screen I get part 2. I need part 1. Please help.

    Thank you

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Diana,

    This post was actually linked the the audio only version of VV 07. I’ve changed it to now point to the video for part 1.

    The visual you see in the post is a flash presentation of the original video.


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