BEP 113 ADV (Study Notes) – Second Round Job Interviews

Continuing our series on job interviews, this podcast focuses on what happens when you made a good impression in the first round and get asked back for a second interview.

We’ll study how to demonstrate that we are a good match with an organization. In addition, we’ll review some other useful second round interview skills, such as summarizing the previous discussion and referring to something you forgot to mention earlier.

We’ll listen to Sherry’s second interview with a big international accounting firm, Grimshaw and Keene (commonly referred to as GK.) The interviewer is George Tan, an Asia-Pacific key account manager.

As you listen, pay attention to how George and Sherry establish that she is a good fit for the organization, and try to answer the following listening questions.

Listening Questions:
1) George describes GK as both “high-pressure” and “tremendously rewarding,” but he is concerned about whether or not Sherry is ready to “take the plunge.” What does he mean by that?

2) What does Sherry say is one of the things that most attracts her to GK?

3) What is George’s major concern about Sherry’s work experience?

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