BEP 100 ADV (Study Notes) – Salary Negotiation

This Business English Podcast lesson focuses on the final stage of a job interview: the salary negotiation.

For salary negotiation, preparation – doing your research – is obviously important. Knowledge, however, is not enough. We also need to have the confidence to broach, or bring up, the subject and the tools to bargain up the initial or first offer in order to reach a satisfactory compromise. You will only get what you deserve if you ask for it. So in today’s episode, we’ll focus the skills you need to successfully talk money.

Fun Beverages International has already emailed an offer to Yala Santos for an HR manager position in one of its Brazilian business units. Yala has written back asking to talk with the HR director, Ted, about the details. We’ll be listening to their conversation.

Listening Questions

1) Why does Ted say he needs Yala to begin work by the suggested start date?

2) How does Yala broach the subject of compensation?

3) How much over the median or average market rate does Ted say Fun Beverages offered Yala in recognition of her skills and experience?

4) What is the final compromise they discuss?

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