BEP 71 ADV (Transcript & Exercises) – Mergers: Office Gossip and Reported Speech

This is the second in a three-part series that follows some of the internal discussions that take place in a company going through a merger.

Today’s episode focuses on casual office conversation and gossip. Office gossip is a type of informal conversation in which we tell secrets or rumors about other people or other departments. Gossip is often called water cooler chitchat, since the water cooler is where colleagues meet by chance and discuss things that are happening in the office. You might also want to review some of our previous shows on socializing for more language to use in these types of conversations.

For the listening today, we rejoin Jack at the guitar manufacturer headquarters, after his short but difficult chat with his boss Jim. Jack is in the cafeteria when a co-worker meets him there by chance.

Key Language: Informal Socializing & Reported Speech

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BEP 71 ADV – Office Gossip – Quiz

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Listening Questions: BEP 71 ADV – Mergers: Office Gossip & Reported Speech

1) What did Frances hear from Joanna?

2) Who did Michelle take off with?

3) Where does Frances tell Jack she has to go?