BEP 51 INT (Transcript & Exercises) – Strategically Using Vague Language 1

Today is the first in a two-part series on using vague language. “Vague” means not clearly defined. For example, if you ask someone what time it is and they say “About 7 or so,” they are being vague. There are lots of reasons to be vague. Sometimes you need to be vague because you don’t know some information or because the information is not important. And sometimes vague language is just more polite.

In these two episodes, we’ll be looking at how to speak in a vague way, but different situations require different styles. You’ll have to use your knowledge of the culture, the people and the situation that you are dealing with to decide which style is most appropriate. Our goal is to give you the communication tools you need to succeed in different environments. In future episodes, we’ll also be looking at other styles of speaking.

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BEP 51 & 52: Vague Language – Quiz

BEP 51 & 52: Vague Language – Gap-fill

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1) What do you think Jen means by “ulterior motive”?

2) Is Mike a computer expert?