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Blockbuster Adjective that describes something that is hugely successful. “There weren’t that many blockbuster movies this year, but Rush Hour 3 was definitely one of them – it had spectacular profits!”
High-potency production This refers to using highly potent or very strong chemicals. This is a manufacturing technique that requires very advanced technology.
State-of-the-art Adjective; describes the most advanced technology currently available. “The best possible protection for the environment comes from using state-of-the-art pollution filtration technology.”
To be devoted to sth or sby To be committed. “We are devoted to serving your needs.
Sustainable development Refers to development that can be sustained or maintained over the long term. It usually has an environmental meaning: “To protect the environment, it’s important to pursue sustainable development of business and resources.”
To embody To embody means to represent or symbolize. “Our employees’ willingness to donate blood embodies our company’s civic spirit.”