BEP 106 - Key Language Review

To review the vocabualry and emphasizing language covered in this lesson, fill in the gaps with appropriate words or phrases from the box below.

              absolutely no room             blockbuster           completely failed             devoted              highlight            

                  In particular            I'd like to emphasize       state-of-the-art            sustainable        terribly important  

1) , I’d like to draw your attention to the increase in sales in Q2.

2) Francis has been to this project since the beginning.

3) Above all, that this is a team effort.

4) The new database is but it still can’t predict sales accurately.

5) The client wasn’t very happy with our proposal. They thought we to address their concerns.

6) Before I move on to discuss our targets for next year, I’d like to our success in the last quarter.

7) Without a doubt, the iPhone has proven to be a product.

8) It’s not just to meet customer expectations – it’s absolutely critical to our future success.

9) We can only achieve growth if we have sustainable development.

10) This campaign is critical for the success of the product launch, so there’s for error.