BEP 202 - Language and Vocabulary Review


To review language covered in this lesson, fill in the gaps with appropriate words or phrases from the box below.

   Actually      feelings      impression      midnight      overtime      released      see      share      tend      view   
1) Last April we the new version of our software onto the market.
2) Max, what are your on the employee turnover issue.
3) I had to burn the oil to get the product done.
4) Hmmm. Don’t you think that’s a little early? I to think we should release it next month.
5) Well, I have the that it’s a very good product.
6) Jenny - what’s your on the sales performance.
7) Anything over 40 hours per week is considered working here.
8) The way I it, we should be advertising in more places.
9) Could you please your thoughts on the new product launch, George?
10) , I think it's a pretty good idea.