BEP 202 – Meetings: Expressing Opinions - Informal/Direct

Gap-Fill Dialog Completion Exercise

Listen to the dialog again using the MP3 player on the right. You can pause the dialog at any time. As you listen, fill in the gaps with the words/phrases you hear in the dialog. Then press "Check" to see if you answered correctly. You can use the "Hint" button to get the next letter in a word. But watch out - you will lose points if you ask for too many hints!

BEP 202 - Audio: Informal/Direct

Click the play button to start listening to the dialog. You can pause the dialog at any time.


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Dialog 2 - Informal/Direct

Ok, now let’s listen to George, Bruce and Walt walk into the break room right after the meeting. Sheila, their boss, is not here; this is a more informal situation.

Bruce: Hey guys, did you see the Chelsea/Liverpool game last night? What did you think, Walt? a game, huh? Chelsea looked pretty good!

Walt: You always have to it in, don’t you Bruce. You know I’m a Liverpool fan.

Bruce: How about you, George?

George: Actually, that was one of the games I’ve ever seen. But the way you guys keep the boss we can finish the product by May, none of us are going to have time to watch any more football games. We’re all going to be working every night, burning the oil!